VOLUME 23, NO. 4

virtual open house


The Virtual Open House

The Pillar To Post Virtual Open House is a high-quality, affordable way to showcase your listings in a 360° virtual format. It transforms your listing into a navigable virtual walk-through, helping to increase visibility and impact.

  • Include in your MLS listings
  • Reduces the need for in-person showings, saving you time
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • An average of just 15-20 minutes needed inside the home
  • Includes every room and the entire exterior
  • A measured PTPFloorPlan can also be requested with your Virtual Open House

Unlike other virtual tours, the Virtual Open House allows potential buyers to explore the home at their own pace using navigation hot spots. It’s the closest thing to being there in person!

virtual open house


PTPEstimates: “How Much Will These Fixes Cost?”

Your clients will have this inevitable question after reviewing their home inspection report. With PTPEstimates the answer is just a click away. PTPEstimates enables your client to request an estimate to repair items called out in their inspection report.

  • Repair estimates are based on local costs
  • Great negotiating tool
  • Buyers can plan and budget for future work
  • With their pre-listing inspection, sellers can decide what repairs to address
  • Estimates are provided within approximately 24 hours after request

PTPEstimates is included with all Pillar To Post home inspections, so there’s no additional cost to your client. All they need to do is request their estimate from within the digital version of their inspection report.

Pillar To Post Home Inspection Packages include even more exclusive and innovative features than ever. These services deliver speed, ease and convenience, getting you to closings faster, saving you time and delighting your clients.



6 Smart Garden Tips To Use Now

Whether you’re growing a farmstand’s worth of fruit and vegetables, have flowers galore or a combination of everything, keep the bounty going all summer by staying on top of these garden tasks:

  1. Continue to water thoroughly as needed, especially if very hot weather is expected. Container plants normally dry out faster than plants in the ground, so you may need to water them daily in very hot and/or dry conditions. Use an inexpensive moisture detector from the hardware store to check on thirsty plants.
  2. Deadhead faded blooms and prune out dead or wayward growth. Removing dried flowers keeps your plants looking good and can help certain types reflower.
  3. Pick up fallen fruit and vegetables to discourage pests and improve your garden’s appearance.
  1. Practice smart pest control. Familiarize yourself with both harmful and beneficial insects and worms in your area so you know who to target and who to leave alone. Some offending insects, like aphids, can simply be washed off with a blast from a garden hose.
  2. A 3”- 4” layer of natural mulch helps keep weeds down, promotes moisture retention in the soil and makes your garden look clean and neat. Avoid synthetic mulch. Keep mulch at least a few inches away from the base of your plants to allow for good air circulation.
  3. Do your flower beds have bare spots? Fill them in with summer-to-fall annuals or natural mulch to keep things looking fresh.
summer fun


Pool Safety Basics

Have a pool? Follow these safety guidelines to ensure your family and friends get the most enjoyment out of it.

  • Anyone using the pool should know how to swim. An experienced swimmer should always be present if anyone is still learning to swim.
  • If younger children are present, an adult should be at the immediate poolside at all times. Tragically, injuries and drownings can happen within moments.
  • Fencing around the pool should be a minimum of 4’ high. Gates should self-close and self-latch, with the latch inaccessible to small children. Local requirements for pool enclosures may be stricter and/or have additional specifications.
  • To avoid possible injury, keep children away from pool filters and drains. Walk, don’t run, near the pool to avoid slips and falls.
  • Keep rescue equipment nearby and easily accessible. For added peace of mind, consider having family members learn CPR skills.

Stay cool and enjoy the rest of your summer!

summer fun
pool safety basics

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